FAQs Employees

What are the benefits of being a Go-Staff employee?

Being an employee at Go-Staff means we treat you like family. From the very start, Go-Staff works to maintain our diverse and qualified pool of employees by recruiting, interviewing, and screening each and every potential employee. We greatly value the employees that make it through this rigorous process, which is why we work very hard to keep all of our employees happy, which translates into making our clients happy. At Go-Staff, we work as a team to make sure everyone here is treated fairly and as a part of the family. You will offered full benefits after 2 weeks, including Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance. Apply to be an employee of Go-Staff.

What types of jobs does Go-Staff offer?

We offer everything from temporary assignments to a long term career, including entry level jobs to executive positions in several different divisions including the general workforce, skilled trades, and administrative. Whether you want your next job to be a temporary position for a few days or a career we work hard to find you the right match!  Take a look at the different jobs available for your new career.

How can I get employment through Go-Staff or hear about employment opportunities?

We always have employment opportunities posted on our website.    You can either apply directly for these positions or give us a call to arrange an interview with one of our recruiters to discuss current positions.

Does it cost anything for me to apply for employment through Go-Staff?

Employment through Go-Staff is a completely free option for applicants who are looking for a job. Open positions depend on availability, and we work hard to find employment for all qualified candidates. Apply for employment with Go-Staff.

What parts of the County do you staff?

Our San Diego office can assist  with your job search in San Diego County. Our Temecula office can help your job search in Temecula, Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside. Please check our Current Job Opportunities to be directed to our open jobs and help you with the job search.

How long is my application active?

Your application stays on file, but we do require your application to be updated if you haven’t worked for us for more than 3 months. Apply with Go-Staff.