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How do we find the right employee for you?

From the very start, Go-Staff works to maintain our diverse and qualified pool of employees by recruiting and interviewing every single candidate.  Not everyone makes it through our interview and testing process, but those that do have definitely earned their spot with us.  We employ a diverse group of top-notch recruiters whose only job is to find the perfect candidate for any position. Many employment firms stay within a recruiting “niche”, but not Go-Staff. Our recruiters never shy away from those unique, hard-to-fill positions, and choose to see new challenges as opportunities to grow. If there’s a candidate out there that fits the bill, we will find them.

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What employees can we provide?

We have 3 separate offices in San Diego:  General Labor/Industrial, Skilled Trades and Office Administrative/Management.  Because each office caters to its corresponding career, each employee that walks through our door, whether a payroll employee or a Go-Staff recruit, feels special and personalized as if they were an internal employee. Go-Staff provides executive level direct placement to temporary daily construction helpers.  We also specialize in payroll services, which limits your company’s liability for worker’s compensation and unemployment. Request an employee.

What makes us different than other employment agencies?

The key difference between Go-Staff and other employment agencies, is that we have an account manager that is in charge of your account.  That means one point of contact, no red-tape, and a relationship with someone you know you can depend on- 24/7. We also differ from other employment agencies by guiding out every new employee to your location (within our service area).  This ensures that employees are always on time, and allows us to make the proper introductions to ensure that both the client and  new employee are at ease. We won’t settle for just being a service provider-something all employment agencies can do-we want to be your workforce partner, and that puts us above the rest. Request an employee.

More FAQ’s coming soon

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